Couple Therapy #01



The focus of the therapy is on the `here and now`, what a couple may be doing to themselves and each other to maintain their dysfunction.

Comunication is the essential key. The therapy aims to create a safe zone for comunicating things which have become intractable, each couple member getting the oportunity to LISTEN and be heard effectively under the supervision of an experienced third party.


When underlying conflicts and emotions emerge in a crisis scenario, a pivotal point is reached! This potential turning-point is regarded as an opportunity in therapy, to move on to a new level where old behaviours can be re-defined. The need for change must be faced whether that may be through compromise or radical changes within the relationship.

Three modes of aproach may be used;

Supportive Therapy - Building and strengthening current systems of coping.

Prescriptive Therapy - Encouragement to adopt new more constructive thinking processes.

Exploratory Therapy - Investigation in order to understand feelings, assumptions and motivations so that conscious choices can be enacted by understanding your own and partners` issues fully.


Sessions last one and a half hours.
sometimes `single` client sessions will be adopted.

Usually at least four sessions will be required.

All clients must be committed to staying through `difficult` sessions and are expected to behave in a respectful manner.

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