Counselling   #01

The Management of Distress

The aim of counselling, is to create a context, within which the healing of inner-conflicts can be undertaken.
Using deep-listening skills and an honest, open presence, a safe `pathway` is negotiated between the client and therapist.
Sensitive areas of the persons` life, which may have become shrouded in confusion or pain, may then be explored. It may be that certain `habitual` beliefs and feelings have taken on a life of their own, or simply created a dullness.
These can be seen for what they are and consciously released, to be replaced by more self-affirming and realistic behaviours.
Counselling   #02

Treatable Conditions


Anxiety whether low-level or extreme, can be treated. The anxiety is not regarded as the enemy, but understood to have had an original function which is no longer appropriate.
By increasing dialogue with the anxious feelings, coupled with the presence of the `containing` therapist - the clients` own inner stability is activated, the grip of the fear which underlies the anxiety is loosened. This breaks the spell of subtly held beliefs such as, `my feelings are uncontrollable` or
that `i am a helpless victim`.


I also work with depression; perhaps brought on by a life crisis such as a relationship ending or a great loss. The work here is on releasing and letting go! Facing up to life and reasserting a more positive outlook. Generally the self esteem has been broken down and will need to be handled by replacing negative belief systems and the persistant thoughts which can shroud the ability to move on.

Background Philosophy

A sense of -separation- occured in early childhood and we all developed certain strategies, in an attempt to compensate.
It could be that we became assertive, passive, competent, helpless, or whatever.
These were conceptual attempts to find security, wholeness and completeness. However a point occurs when these strategies which were aquired to regain a `lost paradise` are seen to be not working. All things come into question perhaps and an overriding sense of disappointment prevails. At this point of crisis or failure the question arises; `Am I going to continue mechanically or do I need to try something different?`


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